4 Best Kids Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

Fall is all about fashion, right? Looking and feeling incredible for the new season is vital for moms and kids alike, so keeping on top of the latest trends is a must. Today we’re sharing 4 must-have kids fashion trends for fall 2021 and the pieces that tick all of the boxes. Whether you’re shopping for your own child or gifting a little one in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to get down with the cool kids!


4 Best Kids Fashion Trends for Fall 2021


1.   Classic Ruffles

While modern silhouettes are preferable through the summer months, traditional style seems to dominate the fall fashion scene. When it comes to dressing up your precious princess for the new season, ruffles are an absolute must-have.

If you love this trend and want a quality brand you can trust, Carter’s are killing it this fall. We adore this Unicorn Print Cotton Dress with ruffled shoulder accents, perfect for the girly girl in your life. For something a little more formal, their Belted Plaid Twill Dress is an ideal addition to your little one’s closet.


2.   Traditional Plaid

When it comes to the festivities of All Hallows Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas, a traditional plaid is always a failsafe. This year it’s back with a bang, captured through bright shirts, pretty dresses and all of the accessories in-between. For both girls and boys, plaid has the potential to make a simple outfit instantly formal, ideal for maintaining comfort while serving up some adorable looks.

Tommy Hilfiger’s latest boy’s range is a great example, offering bold, high-quality shirts with minimal branding. We love this Tie Front Dress from Epic Threads in monochromatic plaid for something a little more feminine. Perfect for cozy-cute style!


3.   Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts are timeless, right? Throughout 2021, the classic rock tee has been having a moment, a trend we’re predicting to continue into the colder months. For the younger family members, a more playful alternative can be a great way to brighten up an outfit and add an extra layer for the chilly weather.

This inspiring print from Nike is perfect for nurturing young girl bosses, complete with a ‘Focused on the Future’ slogan to keep your little one dreaming. In a similar vein, this Marvel superheroes tee strikes a perfect balance between fun and empowering fashion.


4.   Comfy Co-Ords

We don’t know about you, but for us, fall means one thing: time to get cozy! Pumpkin picking outdoors, hot cocoa by the fire, and walks through crunchy leaves demands our comfiest outfits yet. That’s where these co-ords come in.

One of the most popular kids fashion trends for fall 2021 is stylish loungewear, designed to match while achieving optimum comfort. For little boys, we’re obsessed with Calvin Klein’s three-piece set. Featuring hoodie, tee and joggers to match, it’s the perfect way to layer up and stay cozy. If you’ve got a perfect princess to keep warm, you won’t want to miss out on this Disney two-piece that ticks all of the loungewear boxes.


So, that’s 4 of the must-have kids fashion trends for fall 2021. If you’re ready to treat your little one to some special closet upgrades, Reid’s Bargain Outlet is the place to be. Visit our website today to pick up fall favorites with BIG discounts.